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Some of my research:

Tradeoffs and biodiversity

Restoration with functional groups

Global change in Coastal Sage Scrub communities

Traits influencing plant community composition

Penstemon hybrid zone: pollination, physiology, and fitness



Reproductive Isolation

Restoration ecology at Carrizo Plain National Monument

Local ecology and geographic range limits

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Academic Publications

*student co-author
**undergraduate student co-author

Kimball, S., M.E. Lulow, K. Balazs, and T.E. Huxman. 2017. Predicting drought tolerance from slope aspect preference in restored plant communities. Ecology and Evolution.

Tamura, N.**, M. Lulow, Halsch, C.**, M. Major, K. Balazs, P. Austin, T. Huxman, and S. Kimball. 2017. Effectiveness of seed sowing techniques for sloped restoration sites. Restoration Ecology.

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Gremer, J., S. Kimball, and D.L. Venable. 2016. Within and among-year germination in Sonoran Desert winter annuals: Bet hedging and predictive germination in a variable environment. Ecology Letters.

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Kimball, S., J. L. Funk, D. Sandquist, and J.R. Ehleringer. 2016. Ecophysiological considerations for restoring plant communities. In: D.A. Falk, M. Palmer, J. Zedler, and R.J. Hobbs, editors. Foundations of Restoration Ecology. Island Press, Washington.

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Angert, A.L., S. Kimball, M. Peterson, T.E. Huxman, and D.L. Venable. 2014. Phenotypic constraints and community structure: Testing the concordance of trade-offs within and among species. Evolution 68: 3147-3165.

Kimball, S., M. Goulden, K. Suding, and S. Parker. 2014. Water and nitrogen manipulations alter succession in a Southern California Coastal Sage Scrub community. Ecological Applications 24: 1390-1404.

Kimball, S., J.R. Gremer, G.A. Barron-Gafford, A.L. Angert, T.E. Huxman, and D.L. Venable. 2014. High water-use efficiency and growth contribute to success of non-native Erodium cicutarium in a Sonoran Desert winter annual community. Conservation Physiology 2: 1-14.

Kimball, S., M. Lulow, K. Mooney, and Q. Sorenson. 2014. Establishment and management of native functional groups in restoration. Restoration Ecology 22: 81-88.

Horst, J.*, S. Kimball, J.X. Becerra, K. Nogi, and D.L. Venable. 2014. Documenting the early stages of a plant invasion (Matthiola parviflora), and predicting its spread in North America. Southwestern Naturalist 59: 47-55.

Gremer, J.R., S. Kimball, K. Keck*, T.E. Huxman, A.L. Angert, and D.L. Venable. 2013. Water-use efficiency and relative growth rate mediate competitive interactions in Sonoran Desert winter annual plants. American Journal of Botany 100: 2009-2015. *undergraduate student co-author

Kimball, S., J.R. Gremer, D.L. Venable, T.E. Huxman, and A.L. Angert. 2013. Phenotypic selection favors missing trait combinations in coexisting annual plants. The American Naturalist 182:191-207.
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Venable, D. L. and S. Kimball. 2013. Population and community dynamics of Sonoran Desert winter annuals. In: C.K. Kelly, M.G. Bowler and G.A. Fox, editors. Temporal Dynamics and Ecological Process. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Huxman, T.E., S. Kimball, A.L. Angert, J.R. Gremer, and D.L. Venable. 2013. Understanding past, contemporary, and future dynamics of plants, populations and communities using Sonoran Desert winter annuals. American Journal of Botany 100: 1369-1380.

Gremer, J., S. Kimball, T.E. Huxman, A.L. Angert, and D.L. Venable. 2012. Variation in photosynthetic response to temperature in a guild of winter annuals. Ecology 93:2693-2704.
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Kimball, S., J.R. Gremer, A.L. Angert, T.E. Huxman, and D.L. Venable. 2012. Fitness and physiology in a variable environment. Oecologia 169: 319-329.
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Kimball, S., A.L. Angert, T.E. Huxman, and D.L. Venable. 2011. Differences in the timing of germination and reproduction relate to growth physiology and population dynamics of Sonoran Desert winter annuals. American Journal of Botany 98: 1773-1781.
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Kimball, S., A.L. Angert, T.E. Huxman, and D.L. Venable. 2010. Contemporary climate change in the Sonoran Desert favors cold-adapted species. Global Change Biology 16: 1555-1565.
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Kimball, S., and D.R. Campbell. 2009. Physiological differences between two Penstemon species and their hybrids in field and common garden environments. New Phytologist 181: 478-488.
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Kimball, S., D.R. Campbell, and C. Lessin*. 2008. Differential performance of reciprocal hybrids in multiple environments. Journal of Ecology 96: 1306-1318.
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Kimball, S. 2008. Links between floral morphology and floral visitors along an elevational gradient in a Penstemon hybrid zone. Oikos 117: 1064-1074.
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Kimball, S., P. Wilson, and J. Crowther. 2004. Local ecology and geographic ranges of plants in the Bishop Creek watershed, Sierra Nevada, California. Journal of Biogeography 31: 1637-1657.
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Kimball, S. and P.M. Schiffman. 2003. Differing effects of cattle grazing on native and alien plants. Conservation Biology 17: 1681-1693.
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Other Publications

Kimball, S. 2014. Developing a restoration plan for Upper Newport Bay. Tracks, Newsletter for the Newport Bay Conservancy.

Kimball, S. and P. Wilson. 2009. The insects that visit penstemon flowers. Bulletin of the American Penstemon Society: Spring 2009.
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Kimball, S. and P. Wilson. 2005. Local habitat is related to the geographic ranges of plants. Sierra Nature Notes Spring/Summer 2005.

Wilson, P. and S. Kimball. 2001. Review of The Origin, Expansion, and Demise of Plant Species by Donald A. Levin. In Quarterly Review of Biology 76: 84-86.



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